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Find a lawyer

Use the three tabs below to search the online directory of New South Wales practices and solicitors who hold a current practising certificate.

Or you may wish to download our Find A Lawyer App for Apple or Android mobile devices.

This listing is current as at 24 March 2018.

Use this search if you know the name of the solicitor you are searching for or you want to find all solicitors in a given location, or solicitors with specialist accreditation in a particular area of practice.

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Searching ‘Find a Law Practice’ will produce results for law practices in a given location, as well as corporate and government entities where New South Wales solicitors are recorded as practising.

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Use this search to find an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) practitioner - these are solicitors who are skilled and experienced in the practice of mediation, evaluation or arbitration.

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Can't find a solicitor?

The details of some solicitors are not published here. Please contact the Law Society Registry (details at right) if you are unable to find the solicitor or law firm you want.

Other ways to find a lawyer

If you are unable to find the service you are looking for please use the Society's Solicitor Referral Service.

Solicitors - need to change your details?

Complete this online form to change your details in the directory.


We advise that the practitioners listed are members of the Law Society of New South Wales that have indicated that they are also mediators. We do not collect information regarding their qualifications. The Law Society of New South Wales therefore advises you to check the mediator’s qualifications and suitability for your matter prior to engaging them. We recommend that you approach more than one mediator before making a decision.


Legal information

Commercial use of this information is prohibited and is subject to our Terms of use. Please read the Law Society's Privacy Statement.


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