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Organisation and structure

Due to the Law Society’s dual representative and regulatory functions, our organisation is structured in order to maintain an authoritative presence and at the same time foster consultation and collaboration with, and between, the profession, lawmakers and the public.

The structure of the Law Society of NSW is set out in our Memorandum and Articles of Association. This document is our constitution, a set of rules that governs how we operate. It defines the powers between all our stakeholders, such as the Law Society Council, Officer Bearers, Committees, Regional Law Societies and Members.

As a professional association of solicitors we have counterparts in all Australian States and Territories, with whom we work closely.



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Annual Reports & Business Plan

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  • The Law Society of New South Wales
  • 170 Phillip Street
  • Sydney NSW 2000
  • DX 362 Sydney
  • T: (02) 9926 0333
  • F: (02) 9231 5809
  • E: lawsociety@lawsociety.com.au