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Environment and Planning Law Committee

Environment and planning law spans all areas of the law and transcends legal jurisdictions. Not all our members practise environmental or planning law, nor is it a requirement for joining our committee. From their work and study, our members are constantly developing scenarios in a wide range of areas of law and bringing their ideas and strategies to our monthly meetings.

Environmental law is tangible – we can often see the physical effects environmental legislation has on the world around us. If you have an interest in planning law or the new and up-and-coming laws affecting Australia’s backyard, such as water law and the CPRS, then the Environment and Planning Law Committee is for you.

Come along to a meeting – we welcome all interested students and young lawyers who like to engage in a healthy debate in an atmosphere that encourages a diversity of ideas and opinions.

Despite our differences we share a common passion – to strive for the protection of the environment.

Who we are

What we do

The members of our committee include pracititioners and law students from across the legal profession. What we share is a passion for environmental and planning law. More…

The Committee’s work includes community forums on environmental law issues, submission-writing and professional development seminars. More....

Join us


See the Young Lawyers Joining a Committee page to subscribe to our email list, then come along to one of our monthly meetings.

We provide a number of information resources, including newsletters, useful website links and publications. More…