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Supervised Legal Practice

Condition 2 is a statutory condition imposed pursuant to s.49 of the Legal Profession Uniform Law (NSW). If a practising certificate is subject to this condition, the holder must, in this jurisdiction, engage in supervised legal practice only, until the holder has completed the period of supervised legal practice required.

If you completed a practical legal training course to qualify for admission to the Australian legal profession, a period or periods equivalent to 24 months of supervised legal practice must be completed.

If you completed practical legal training principally under an approved training plan supervised by an Australian lawyer (eg. a period of Articles) to qualify for admission, a period or periods equivalent to 18 months of supervised legal practice must be completed. 

How to remove condition 2 from your practising certificate

If you have completed the required period of supervised legal practice, you may make an application to have this condition removed from your practising certificate. An application must be made by way of a statutory declaration addressing the Supervised Legal Practice Guidelines.

The average turnaround time for 'standard' applications is currently 3 working weeks.  

If your application does not satisfy the statutory criteria or there are other issues affecting the application, it will be referred to the Society's Licensing Committee for consideration. The Licensing Committee meet on a monthly basis and the lodgement dates and meeting dates can be found in the guidelines.

Why apply to remove condition 2?

The Law Society of New South Wales recommends that solicitors apply to remove condition 2 from their practising certificate as soon as they are eligible to do so, regardless of their current intentions, in order to facilitate future career development. For example, lifting condition 2 from your Practising Certificate is the first step towards gaining a certificate that allows practise as a principal of a law practice or supervising legal practitioner. It also entitles you to supervise legal practice by others.

More information can be found at Changing your Practising Certificate.


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