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Legal Profession Uniform Law

Practising in NSW under the Uniform Law

From1 July 2015 the uniform legal profession legislation changed the way the legal profession is regulated in New South Wales.

Uniform Law for Law Practices

Law Practices - Incorporated Legal Practice Law Practices - Unincorporated Legal PracticeSolicitor's Stamps

Uniform Law for Individuals

IndividualsInterstate Practitioners - Participating JurisdictionsInterstate Practitioners - Non Participating Jurisdictions Unqualified Legal PracticeLiability of Principals Transitional Arrangements for Corporate and Government Lawyers

Practice of Foreign Law under the Uniform Law

Admission of Foreign Lawyers Practice of foreign law in Australia

Costs Disclosure and Billing under the Uniform Law

Billing under the Legal Profession Uniform Law Costs Disclosure under the Legal Profession Uniform Law Consumer Complaints Including Costs Disputes (Consumer Complaints) under the Uniform Law Costs Disclosure Reasonable Steps

Read more on the Legal Profession Uniform Law regulatory framework.

Costs Agreements

Disclosure and Standard Costs Agreement - for instructions first received on and from 1 July 2015 Disclosure and Conditional Costs Agreement - for instructions first received on and from 1 July 2015


The Law Society has scheduled a number of seminars and live webcasts addressing various aspects of the Legal Profession Uniform Law, including:

General overviewCostsTrust accountingCommunication of adviceConduct rules

Details of current offerings can be found here.


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  • Regulatory Compliance Support Unit
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  • Queries about costs
  • Legal Costs Unit
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  • Ethics Unit
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Draft proposed Uniform Rules

Transitional Arrangements