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Corporate Lawyers

Corporate lawyers are the fastest growing segment of the profession and currently account for 20 per cent of the total profession.

Corporate Lawyers Committee

The Corporate Lawyers Committee was formed to liaise between the Law Society and corporate, or in-house lawyers.

The Committee aims to ensure that the particular needs of corporate lawyers are considered by the Law Society in its activities. 

Corporate lawyers have two dedicated seats on the Law Society Council.

Each year, the Law Society calls for nominations for its committees. Nominations for the 2017 committee will be sought in late 2016 and advertised in Monday Briefs.

What we do

The Committee's current activities include:

  • Strengthening the promotion of the role of corporate lawyers and being a voice for corporate lawyers
  • Ongoing monitoring of implications for corporate lawyers of the Legal Profession Uniform Law
  • Developing and maintaining resources for corporate lawyers, and
  • Arranging CPD and networking opportunities for corporate lawyers. 

Resources & Publications

The Corporate Lawyers Committee has provided the following resources and publications to assist in-house lawyers with aspects of corporate practice:

Moving In-house - A resource on corporate legal practice - a resource which provides information and tips which may be helpful to those considering or developing a career in corporate practice.

Independence Statement - a pro forma statement which may assist corporate lawyers to explain to their employers their professional obligation to provide objective and impartial advice.

In the House - this bi-monthly newsletter is sent to corporate lawyer members of the Law Society.

Handy Hints for In-house Counsel - this guide provides information on challenges faced by in-house lawyers, particularly in relation to the ethical issues which may arise in corporate practice. 

Guide to ethical obligations of in-house lawyers for non-lawyer colleagues – a set of slides designed to help in-house lawyers explain their ethical obligations to colleagues who are not lawyers.

Frequently Asked Questions for corporate lawyers, covering topics such as CPD requirements, pro bono work and ethics.

Inside In-house Legal Teams - this report sets out the findings of a survey of corporate and government lawyers working in NSW. 


Online and email scams are an issue that all businesses and employees should keep in mind. A practitioner has experienced this fraud, and shares his experience in the attached article.


The Committee organises various events to provide both CPD specifically tailored to the needs of corporate lawyers as well as useful networking opportunities with other corporate lawyers. For details, see the Law Society's CPD and events calendar

If you have a suggestion for an event, email us at corporatelawyers@lawsociety.com.au.


Submissions made by Law Society Committees on a range of topics can be accessed here.