The Law Society of NSW's landmark symposium "Hearth and Home – a New Approach for People Seeking Asylum in Australia" has resulted in a renewed commitment towards developing a non-partisan approach to asylum.

President of The Law Society of NSW Pauline Wright said the Symposium hosted by the Law Society on November 27, brought together more than 20 top experts across multiple disciplines.

"We have committed to continuing their work towards a new non-partisan Australian approach to asylum that respects both national sovereignty and human dignity," Ms Wright said.

Ms Wright said she was also pleased to announce the release of a short film about the Symposium which can be accessed here:

Ms Wright said the aim of the Symposium was to distil and refine alternative frameworks and create a clear strategy to advance the conversation and practice regarding refugees and people seeking safety in our region.

"Our common desire is for Australia to respond to refugees and people seeking asylum in our country and our region with durable policies and practices that are fair, humane and effective," she said.

"What came out of the Symposium was a strong commitment from participants to collaborate to produce a credible implementation strategy to drive the shared model for reform."

Ms Wright said it was time to de-politicise the issue by recognising that governments had a role to play in enabling orderly migration and ensuring people arrived safely to our shores.

"It is a matter of respecting that role while at the same time working together to deliver a fair system for people who are forced to migrate from their home countries, a system which respects their rights and human dignity," she said.

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