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Joining a Committee

Committee membership is open to all members of NSW Young Lawyers.

It is possible to join one or more Committees by subscribing to the relevant Committee email list(s). A Committee member can resign by unsubscribing from an email list at any time.

The email lists are an exclusive benefit of Committee membership. Other activities and benefits of committee member include monthly meetings at the Law Society of NSW, organised by Committee Officers and members.

Note that subscription to the e-newsletter Debrief is separate to Committee membership.

How to join

By joining a Committee, members agree to abide by the NSW Young Lawyers Constitution, to accept the Responsibilities of Committee Membership and to comply with the NSW Young Lawyers Email Use Policy.

Click a Committee name below and follow the instructions on how to join. Your application will then be reviewed by a Committee Chair.

Once approved, you will receive a confirmation email and each month you will receive an automated email to remind you of your Committee memberships and passwords.

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Any questions that are not answered here can be directed to the relevant Committee Chair whose details are located on the Committee pages.


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