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Environment and Planning Law Committee

About us

The Environment and Planning Law Committee focuses on environmental and planning issues, raising awareness in the profession and the community about developments in national legislation, case law and policy. We also concentrate on international laws and their impact within Australia.

Environment and Planning Law spans all areas of the law and transcends legal jurisdictions. Environmental law is tangible - we can often see the physical effects environmental legislation has on the world around us. If you have an interest in planning law or the new and up-and-coming laws affecting Australia's backyard, such as water law, coal seam gas extraction or carbon capture and storage, then the Environment and Planning Law Committee is for you.

Come along to a meeting - we welcome all interested students and young lawyers who like to engage in a healthy debate in an atmosphere that encourages a diversity of ideas and opinions. Not all our members practise environmental or planning law, nor is it a requirement for joining our committee. From their work and study, our members are constantly developing scenarios in a wide range of areas of law and bringing their ideas and strategies to our monthly meetings.

Despite our differences, we share a common passion - to strive for the protection of the environment.

Today's young lawyers are at the forefront of the 'next big thing' that is; the energy, resources and climate change industries. The Environment and Planning Law Committee is about 'all things environment' - whether it be Environmental Planning, Agriculture, Mining, Forestry or Water, our committee brings together a network of the state's top young practitioners to discuss a shared interest in our environment.

Aims and objectives

Our work is constantly evolving and being shaped by the contribution and suggestions of our members. Our current objectives are:

  • Prioritising environmental considerations as a relevant issue for lawyers and individuals and the legal profession as a whole.
  • Informing the public of environmental and planning law, in particular those legislative provisions which provide opportunities for community participation and require community consultation.
  • Monitoring and informing the legal profession and community about recent developments in existing and proposed environmental and planning legislation, case law and policy.
  • Educating and raising the awareness of the legal profession and the community of practical methods for protecting and caring for the environment.
  • Engaging with other committees to develop a strong network that promotes the growth of the Young Lawyers community and successfully.
  • To grow the Climate Change sub-committee and develop more sub-committees that members can be involved in where they can commence projects on behalf of the Committee
  • To continue to build the camaraderie of the Environment and Planning Law Committee through social events and committee functions.
  • Building and diversifying the sponsorship of our committee and inviting guest speakers on a member-recommended basis.
  • Commenting on legislative proposals.

Our elected members

Chair: Ross Mackay

Vice Chair: Russell Schmidt


Email the Chair of the Environment and Planning Law Committee.