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Business Law Committee


We monitor specialised areas of business law, such as corporate law (including takeovers), banking and finance, taxation and anti-money laundering.

Our activities centre around:

  • providing a forum for the dissemination of developments in business law
  • holding dialogue on all relevant business law issues
  • providing submissions on proposed State and Federal amendments to business law
  • facilitating and encouraging networking with other committees and professional groups
  • staging of regular social events



Please view the NSW Young Lawyers Events Calendar for all 2016 Major and Committee Events.

Business Law and CET Speed Networking, 8 June

The Business Law and CET Committees held their first Event together and what a way to kick it off with the Speed Networking Event! Thirty-five members attended from both Committees eager to put their networking skills to the test. Members had a ‘chance to connect’ in three minute blocks; one minute each to introduce themselves and the last minute focusing on that ‘chance to connect.’ Svetlana Collantes, Chair of the Business Law Committee and Chris Chow, Immediate Past Chair of the CET Committee hosted the Event and provided some valuable tips on how to network efficiently and effectively. Overall, the feedback was very good and members enjoyed the overall structure and running of the Event. Thank you to all those involved in helping with the Event and watch this space for more Events to come!

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