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Practising foreign law in NSW

If you wish to practise foreign law as an Australian-registered foreign lawyer in New South Wales, you are required to make an application in accordance with legal profession legislation (as defined in the Legal Profession Uniform Law Application Act (2014)). Evidence that you are authorised to practise in the relevant foreign country will be required.

To register, complete the Application for Grant of an Australian Registration Certificate as a Foreign Lawyer.

Note: If you wish to practise Australian law, you are required to hold an Australian practising certificate. If you are properly registered or authorised to engage in legal practice in a foreign country by the foreign registration authority for that country, and you hold an Australian practising certificate you are not prohibited from also practising the law of that foreign country in NSW. In these circumstances you are not required to register as an Australian registered foreign lawyer as there are no foreign provisions (as defined in s.6 of the Legal Profession Uniform Law (NSW)) that presently apply to an Australian legal practitioner. 


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