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Forms Directory

Practising Certificates

Application form for a Practising Certificate & Membership of The Law Society of New South Wales (as a Solicitor & Barrister)2015/16 Practising Certificate Renewal - InteractiveScale of Fees 2014/15 - Half Fees ApplyScale of Fees 2015/16Application for a Photo ID Card
2014/15 Variation of a Practising Certificate to Practise as a Principal or Solicitor on the Record2015/16 Variation of a Practising Certificate to Practise as a Principal or Solicitor on the RecordGuidelines for Barristers Applying for a Practising CertificateSupervised Legal Practice GuidelinesBankruptcy UndertakingRequest for Certificate of Fitness and Good Standing


Solicitor Membership Application 2014/15 (for solicitors who did not apply when taking out a Practising Certificate) (Interactive)Solicitor Membership Application 2015/16 (for solicitors who did not apply when taking out a Practising Certificate) (Interactive)
Application to be an Associate Member of The Law Society of New South Wales 2014/15Application to be an Associate Member of The Law Society of New South Wales 2015/16Services for Members

Changing your details and subscriptions

Change in Employment Details FormUnsubscribe from Law Society communications (email newsletters)


MCLE Record of ActivitiesRequest for ExemptionRequest for Extension of Time

Notification of offences and 'show cause' events

Notice by a local Practising Certificate holder of a conviction or chargeNotice of ‘show cause event’

Interstate practitioners

Notification for an Interstate Practitioner Authorised to Withdraw Trust Money from a Local Trust AccountNotification for a legal practitioner employed in NSW by a law practice with no NSW principalsNotification for an interstate legal practitioner offering and providing legal services from an office in NSW

Foreign lawyers

Application Form for Registration as a Foreign Lawyer in New South Wales

Incorporated Legal Practices

Notification of Incorporated Legal PracticeIncorporated Legal Practice Information Kit

Limitation of Liability Scheme

Application for exercise of clause 4.1 discretionApplication for exercise of clause 4.2 discretion

Multi-disciplinary Partnerships

Notice of intention to start practice in a Multi-disciplinary Partnership

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Private Practice Exemption 2015/16Community Legal Centre Exemption 2015/16

Trust accounting

Notification of appointment or termination of External Examiner - clause 93Notification of opening a general trust account - clause 74 (1)Notification of closure of general trust account - clause 74(5)Notification of appointment/termination of authorised signatories - clause 74(3)(a)Notification of authorised signatories as at July each year - clause 74(3)(b)Request for determination of statutory deposit - clause 97(6)


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