Five Things to consider

Five things to consider before starting your own law firm
A law firm is more than the pure practice of law

SPP Landing Page Tile What's your practice really worth What's your practice really worth?
Three essential elements to take into consideration
working from home small When the time comes to move on
Why and how to move on
working from home small

What to do when an employee wants to work from home
A modern day business conundrum 

Visibility and Credibility small Visibility and Credibility
Building client relationships through social media 


SPP Landing Page tile demystifying the cloud Demystifying the cloud
Five things to note before you make the switch
SPP Landing Page tile Is it ethical to act for an entire family Is it ethical to act for an entire family?
Ethical pitfalls and business benefits
promote wellness small Seven simple ways to promote wellness in your firm
A firm's greatest asset is its people



Legal Knowledge
Working with Estate Agents - Disclosure, Marketing and Auctions
Thursday, 8 October

Legal Knowledge
Drug Testing in the Workplace
Tuesday, 13 October
Perks, Pay and PartnershipCareerhub
Perks, pay and partnership
The 5 things lawyers want more than money
Are great lawyers born?
Does your personality dictate how far you go?
How to become a rockstar lawyer
4 easy ways to raise your professional profile

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