Recruitment Recruitment for Small Law Firms
Four tips for creating a successful hiring process
SPP Landing Page Tile  - Clayton Utz What small law firms can learn from Clayton Utz about pricing, value and profitability
Case Study
follow-up The Power of Follow-Up
Why clients somewhat welcome benign intrusion into their affairs
working from home small

What to do when an employee wants to work from home
A modern day business conundrum

Referrals How to ask for a client referral in seven steps
Now is the time to put shame aside
Most common mistakes Law firm “worst practice”, and how to avoid it
Four of the most common mistakes
Thinking of selling your practice? Thinking of selling your practice?
Ethical pitfalls and business benefits
Harnessing Harnessing your mind’s potential
The art of staying focussed in the multi-media age



Legal Knowledge
Wills & Estates - Tips and Traps
Monday, 22 February

Professional Skills
The Indispensable Advocacy Workshop
Thursday, 25 February
Perks, Pay and PartnershipCareerhub
Perks, pay and partnership
The 5 things lawyers want more than money
Are great lawyers born?
Does your personality dictate how far you go?
How to become a rockstar lawyer
4 easy ways to raise your professional profile
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