SPP Landing Page Tile Getting started

Getting started
Things to consider before life as a practice owner

SPP Landing Page Tile What's your practice really worthWhat's your practice really worth?
Three essential elements to take into consideration
SPP Landing Page tile Alisha McKenzieHow to lift a poor performer
Techniques to make performance discussions less painful
How to have difficult conversations
Most people don't enjoy bringing bad news, even when it is necessary. How do you make those conversations more natural? 
How to deal with a persistent complainer
Persistent complainers have the potential to chew up vast amounts of your time. So it's critical you make complainers feel heard.
SPP Landing Page Tile why now is the perfect time to start planningWhy now is the perfect time to start planning
Getting your firm where you want it
SPP Landing Page tile demystifying the cloudDemystifying the cloud
Five things to note before you make the switch
SPP Landing Page tile Is it ethical to act for an entire familyIs it ethical to act for an entire family?
Ethical pitfalls and business benefits
Keeping well at workKeeping well at work
How to look after Number One
SPP Landing Page tile what to do before you leaveWhat to do before you leave
Steps to take before life after practice

Practice Management & Procedure
Tax Year End - Maximising Your Return 
Wednesday, 3 June

Practice Management & Procedure
Costs Under the New Uniform Legal Profession Regime
Wednesday, 24 June 
Perks, Pay and PartnershipCareerhub
Perks, pay and partnership
The 5 things lawyers want more than money
Are great lawyers born?
Does your personality dictate how far you go?
How to become a rockstar lawyer
4 easy ways to raise your professional profile