Lifeline for Lawyers - 1800 085 062

Lifeline for lawyers

The Law Society of New South Wales has engaged Lifeline to provide members with access to a free, confidential 24-hour telephone support service for solicitors experiencing emotional and psychological distress, as well as other assistance in dealing with work related health issues.

About Lifeline for Lawyers

Lifeline for Lawyers is an independent, confidential telephone Crisis Support service available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 52 weeks per year. Simply call 1800 085 062 to access support.

A Lifeline Telephone Crisis Supporter will answer your call and:

  • Listen to your situation
  • Provide immediate support
  • Assist to clarify options and choices available to you
  • Provide you with referral information for other services in your local area

Lifeline also provides online crisis support every night from 8pm - 4am (AEST). Access this service online at

All Lifeline for Lawyers Crisis Supporters are qualified and experienced, and calls to the service are strictly confidential.

The person available to help you in your time of need will have undertaken a comprehensive, nationally accredited training program administered by Lifeline. They participate in clinical supervision as part of their professional development. Each Crisis Supporter is individually accredited by Lifeline and must maintain accreditation to continue to answer your calls.

Crisis Supporters responding to the Lifeline for Lawyers Crisis Support service are amongst the most experienced Crisis Supporters within Lifeline.

What is Crisis Support?

Lifeline for Lawyers provides crisis support and does not operate as an ongoing therapeutic counselling service.

Crisis support is short term - providing people with assistance, non-judgemental support, and resources in their time of need.

The main aim of crisis support is to help reduce stress and improve the person’s ability to cope with their current situation, as well as with any future crises.

Lifeline believes that crisis support saves lives. Lifeline is committed to reaching out to those in crisis to offer an immediate response when difficulties seem overwhelming. Crisis support prevents unsafe and damaging reactions to difficulties, and creates opportunities for personal growth and change.

Why should you call?

Help-seeking can have many benefits. Getting support during tough times can help you to:

  • Feel less stressed and relieved through sharing your feelings
  • Find solutions and ways to cope
  • Gain perspective
  • Reduce your sense of isolation and loneliness
  • Build stronger relationships with family and friends
  • Prevent problems from getting worse or leading to more serious issues
  • Assist others when they need it

Confidentiality assured

Maintaining confidentiality of callers is of critical importance. Calls to the service are confidential, and details about calls to the Lifeline for Lawyers Crisis Support service remain confidential unless the caller is identified at imminent risk of harm or the service is compelled to do so by law. Calls to the Lifeline for Lawyers Crisis Support service are not recorded.

In instances where a caller is at imminent risk of harm, a Crisis Supporter is trained to implement a protocol that, as far as possible, maintains the safety of the caller. This protocol includes, amongst other things, activating processes to allow the tracing of the caller’s location and alerting emergency services.

Under no circumstances will details of individual calls be made available to The Law Society of New South Wales. All information provided to Lifeline is confidential and treated in accordance with Lifeline’s privacy policy.

Specialist Panel

The Law Society also provides solicitors with access to an independent panel of specialists available for confidential consultation services. The aim of the specialist panel is for solicitors seeking assistance to be able to directly contact one of the panel specialists to make an appointment for a consultation. View the Specialist Panel members.


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