Niching Down tile The Profitability of Niching Down
Save precious time and money
SPP Landing Page Tile What's your practice really worth What's your practice really worth
Three essential elements to take into consideration

Take action on your tax before it's too late
Things to do to minimise your tax


How to make the most of your super
What to look at before the end of financial year


Improve your bottom line with year-end planning
Creating "buy in" from the people in your firm


Maintaining a sustainable growth rate
A balance between consuming and generating cash


Measuring performance
Techniques for accurate measurement


Cash flow management
Understanding working capital


Driving your business forward

8 steps to profitable fixed fees 8 steps to profitable fixed fees
How to effectively manage fixed fee matters
SPP landing page tile Are referral fees worth the effort Are referral fees worth the effort?
Business building or more trouble than they're worth?

12 step end of financial year checklist
What can be done to better prepare and plan


The end of the hourly rate?
Innovative ways to control legal costs


The commoditisation of law continues
Pricing is too important to leave it to chance 


Cash flow statement analysis
Your guide to understanding cash inflows and outflows


Accounting fundamentals
A holistic approach to your business operations


Financial management and profitability
Ensuring your practice reaches its potential



Are great lawyers born?
Does your personality dictate how far you go?
How to become a rockstar lawyer
4 easy ways to raise your professional profile
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