Manny Conditis tile

Manny Conditsis
A passion for the job helps you handle the pressures

Noric Dilanchian

Noric Dilanchian
Understand both business and human nature 

Raymond Finch

Raymond Finch
Always take the opportunity to teach and mentor others

Chris Chow

Chris Chow
Becoming a businessman         

SPP Profiles LP Peter Stewart image

Peter Stewart
How the West was won           

SPP Profiles LP Kerry Keady image Kerry Keady
Legal pioneer in the bush           
Rebecca Grant tile Rebecca Grant
Technology is to lawyers, what penicillin is to doctors
Linda Rogers photo landing Linda Rogers
Building relationships with like-minded lawyers
Bridget Liu

Bridget Liu
Finding your niche                     

Graham Lancaster tile

Graham Lancaster
Understanding commercial realities           

SPP Profiles LP Justin Dowd image

Justin Dowd
Establishing a reputation for quality amongst your peers 

SPP Profiles LP Peter Gell image Peter Gell
Finding happiness and satisfaction in the workplace



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