Happy workplace culture Happy workplace culture
Keep your team involved, satisfied and productive

Recruitment for small law firms small Recruitment for Small Law Firms
Four tips for creating a successful hiring process

How to have difficult conversations
Making tough talk come more naturally


How to deal with a persistent complainer
Processes to make complainers feel heard


How to stop staff leaving
Make sure your star performers stay put


Your responsibilities as an employer
Obligations under Work Health and Safety laws


Ending the employment relationship
Have a plan for staff leaving your employment


Recruiting and managing staff
Ensuring your firm achieves all it is capable of

working from home small What to do when an employee wants to work from home
A business modern day conundrum

SPP Landing Page Tile How to lift a poor performer How to lift a poor performer
Techniques to make performance discussions less painful

Common mistakes managers make 
And what you should be doing instead


Six ways to become a better delegator
Six things to make delegation to work


The rise of Gen Y and what to do about it
Confirming what your Gen Ys want


Recruiting staff
Fundamentals of finding and recruiting new staff


Managing staff
How to create a harmonious workplace 


Are great lawyers born?
Does your personality dictate how far you go?
How to become a rockstar lawyer
4 easy ways to raise your professional profile
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