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What is Specialist Accreditation?

Specialist Accreditation is a structured peer assessment program which enable practitioners to gain recognition as an expert in their chosen area of practice. Solicitors who fulfil the requirements of the Program are entitled to use, after their name, the words ‘Accredited Specialist’ in the nominated area of practice.

As such, accreditation helps the general public and profession identify solicitors who have demonstrated expertise in a particular area of law.

The Specialist Accreditation Program aims to:

    Provide the profession and the public with a reliable means of identifying practitioners with proven expertise in their chosen area of practice;
    Contribute to and encourage the continued development and improvement of the standards, quality and delivery of legal services;
    Promote the advancement of legal education, knowledge and skills; and
    Provide practitioners with the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise in their chosen area of practice and to have this recognised.

     If you are a member of the public and would like to know more about the Specialist Accreditation Program please visit For the Community


Why become an Accredited Specialist?

Gaining accreditation is a significant achievement which offers practitioners a recognised means of differentiation and demonstrated expertise.

In an increasingly complex and competitive market, the expertise and professionalism which forms the cornerstone of Specialist Accreditation remains an easily identifiable choice for consumers of legal services.

Accreditation provides practitioners with the opportunity to:

    Promote and highlight expert legal knowledge, skills and services for the public and the profession
    Build new and strengthen existing relationships with peers
    Support and continued learning and development with access to CPD for Accredited Specialists
    Maintain standards and contribute to the future of the profession by joining a Specialist Accreditation advisory committee.   


Candidates are encouraged to view the 2018 Guide to Application and Assessment.


Hear from newly Accredited Specialists 

Spec Acc Video 1 2011 - How to Apply     Spec Acc Video 1 2010 - How to Apply  

Spec Acc Video 2009 - How to Apply      Spec Acc Video 4 - 2012


  • Specialist Accreditation Program
  • The Law Society of NSW
  • 170 Phillip Street
  • Sydney NSW 2000
  • DX 362 Sydney
  • T: (02) 9926 0305
  • F: (02) 9926 0166
  • E: specialists@lawsociety.com.au