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About the commission of inquiry 

Reasons behind the commission of inquiry

Some of the developments reshaping legal services are:

  1. heightened client expectations (expressed, for example, through pressure for fixed-fee services);
  2. technological innovation and new business systems;
  3. the globalisation of legal practice, the emergence of global law firms and a single Australian legal services market;
  4. changing legal practice structures;
  5. the impact of government funding decisions on the courts, Legal Aid NSW, the community legal sector, prosecutorial agencies and other government-funded legal infrastructure;
  6. the increased segmentation and diversity of the profession;
  7. changes to areas of work which were previously the exclusive domain of lawyers;
  8. an overall increase in compliance requirements within Australia, in terms of regulation specific to the legal profession and also in areas such as workplace safety, taxation, environment and planning;
  9. a changing emphasis on legal policy and legislation with the emergence of new paradigms such as in the areas of national security legislation and privacy laws, with potential impacts on the rule of law.

How the FLIP commission of inquiry was carried out

Hearings took place from May to November 2016. By mid-February 2017, the commission will submit its first report to the Council of the LSNSW.


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