Learning & Development
LPMG Legal Practice Management Guidelines: An Update
What is in store for the future?
Redesign Redesign my (lawyer) brain
Embracing disruption, relearning and new opportunities
Three Rs of Executive Coaching The Three Rs of Executive Coaching
Getting it right
Daily upskilling habits tile 6 ways to up skill daily
Habits that will help you become a better lawyer
Outperforming made easier tile Outperforming made easier
Outperforming made easier

The myths behind the masters
What’s the real value of postgrad study?


Beating the rush
How to survive March’s MCLE Madness


Back to school
How to make postgrad study work


Hitting the books
The case for going back to law school

6 CPD Rule Changes Six Changes to the CPD Rules
What the Uniform Law means for you
Draft Uniform CPD Rules Explained The Proposed Uniform CPD Rules Explained
Why are the Rules expected to change?
12 Skills 12 Skills every lawyer must master
Why are the Rules expected to change?
Taking law out of legal practice Taking law out of legal practice
Three things law school didn't teach you
Kickstarting your career Kickstarting your career
The 'must have' skills for today's lawyers

Top-tier training techniques
What large firms do to develop their lawyers


What can I get for 2,000 bucks
How the self-education cap affects you


Balancing business and law
A case study