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The Law Society of New South Wales Mentoring Programs are a member service which aims to support the legal profession.  The independent nature and the flexibility given to each mentor / mentee are some of the benefits in the programs.

Why mentoring?

Would you like:

  • Guidance for your career and professional development in the legal profession, from someone working in the profession
  • An opportunity to reflect on professional challenges, opportunities and successes
  • An opportunity to give back to the profession

What’s involved?

The Law Society of New South Wales Mentoring Programs are either 10 or 12 months.  Mentors and mentees will be matched according the information provided in their application and are invited to attend a program launch, mid-program review and program close events or webinars.   During the program mentees and mentors meet monthly.  Mentees and mentors will be provided with training to assist them gain value from the mentoring relationship.

Application process – mentors and mentees

You will need to complete a short application to assess your eligibility for the program and clarify what you are looking for in a mentoring partner.  You can access the application on the following links.

  • Graduate Mentoring Program: Supports final year law students and first year graduates transition into the profession smoothly, assist them to reach their full potential and be successful in their roles.
  • NSW Young Lawyers Mentoring Program: Assists Young Lawyers make a connection with a more experienced practitioner and receive guidance in their personal and professional life.
  • Law Society of NSW Women's Mentoring Program: Provides women lawyers with additional support to encourage advancement into leadership roles across the profession, including the position of principal in private practice, the Bar and the Bench.